Trench Line Excavation – RFB – SW Towle (12 – 275) Wastewater Reimbursement District (City of Gresham) – Due 6/7/23

Due Date: June 7, 4 PM

Description: Trench Line Excavation, Inc. is seeking quotes. The character of the work is to install an 8-inch wastewater main line with 4-inch and 6-inch wastewater laterals. The major quantities of work involved in this project are:
400 LF 8” PVC Wastewater Pipe
84 LF 4” PVC Wastewater Lateral
46 LF 6” PVC Wastewater Lateral
80 TON AC Pavement Trench Replacement – 5”
depth, Level 2, 1⁄2” dense graded.
700 SY 2” AC Grind and Inlay

The project completion date is SEPTEMBER 30, 2023.

Engineer’s Estimate: $300,000 to $350,000.

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Port of Tacoma – RFB – 2022 Port of Tacoma Building Demolition Program – 071731 – Due 6/7/23

Due Date: June 7, 2PM

Estimated Cost Range: $2,200,000 to $2,400,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST)

Procurement Summary: The Work required for this Project includes but is not limited to:
Abatement of hazardous materials, site demolition, demolition, removal and disposal of buildings, removal of miscellaneous debris and brush, installation of temporary erosion and sediment control, installation of HMA pavement, capping utilities, disconnecting power, backfilling loading pits with gravel, and filling septic tank with CDF.

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WA Department of Commerce – RFP – 2023 Industrial Symbiosis Program – IS2023 – Due 6/9/23

Due Date: June 9, 5 PM

Description: Commerce is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) find projects from those qualified and interested in participating in a grant program to reduce, reuse, or eliminate waste that benefits Washington’s circular economy.

The Industrial Symbiosis Program is funded by the Washington State Legislature create “valuable collaborative opportunities where the underutilized resources of one company…may be used by another (RCW 43.31.625).” Find out more about Commerce’s program at Industrial Symbiosis – Washington State – Where the Next Big Thing Begins (

Pre-Proposal Conference: A recorded Pre-Proposal Conference with Industrial Symbiosis Program staff was held on May 1, 2023 which includes further program background, as well as questions and answers about this RFP.

Funding: COMMERCE has budgeted an amount not to exceed $850,000.00 for this project, as directed by the legislature. COMMERCE intends to issue multiple grant awards within a range of $150,000.00 to$250,000.00 per applicant.

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Port of Seattle – RFB – Widen Arrivals Roadway – MC-0320880 – Due 6/13/23

Due Date: June 13, 2 PM

Description: The Widen Arrivals Roadways project includes the widening of the southbound lanes of the Northern Airport Expressway to provide an additional two lanes for a total of six lanes from S 170th St into the Departures and Arrivals curbsides and Main Garage. This requires the relocation and expansion of the roadways to the west given the location of the columns supporting the Light Rail Transit guideway. The project will include several retaining walls, major utility relocations, excavation, fill, grading, asphalt paving, concrete paving, drainage, sign bridges, signage, concrete barrier and striping. In addition to the improvements described above, the project will relocate the north rental car bus curb further north and construct a new canopy. This contract has a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).

Engineer’s estimate range for this project: $30,000,000 – $60,000,000.

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Port of Tacoma – RFB – Administration Building Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – 071755 – Due 6/14/23

Due Date: June 14, 2 PM

Procurement Summary: The Work required for this Project includes: Installation of concrete foundations, transformer vault, bollards, conduit, wiring, and electric vehicle charging stations and connecting them to the existing electrical system infrastructure. The work also includes, selective asphalt demolition and restoration, trenching and other miscellaneous work as described in the project documents.

Estimated Cost Range: Estimated cost range is $500,000 to $600,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).

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2022 WSDOT Consultant Prequalification – Due 6/30/23

Due Date: June 30, 2023 5 PM

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be prequalified to provide professional services for WSDOT. Firms that complete the prequalification process will be eligible to compete for select WSDOT projects for the period from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

WSDOT reserves the right to amend terms of this advertisement, to circulate various addenda, or to withdraw the advertisement at any time, regardless of how much time and effort consultants have spent on their responses.

Advertisement Description:  The purpose of this advertisement is to obtain professional engineering and other services for select transportation projects or services throughout the State. Consultants may be prequalified the following categories:
• Construction Management and Inspection Services
• Construction Materials Testing Services
• Cost Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis Services
• Environmental Services
• Facilities Architectural Services
• Facilities Civil Engineering Services
• Facilities Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services
• Facilities Structural Engineering Services
• Fish Passage Barrier Correction
• Geophysical
• Geotechnical
• Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Services
• Other Subconsultant Work
• OYO Suspension Logging
• Rail, Freight, and Ports – Engineering, Operations, and Planning Services
• Special Structures Engineering Services
• Structural Engineering Services
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services
• Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) Services
• Surveying Services
• Traffic Engineering Services
• Transportation Design Plans Specs and Estimate Services
• Transportation Studies Services
• Unstable Slopes
• Value Engineering Services
• WSF Terminal Construction Inspection and Management Services
• WSF Terminal Design Engineering, Architectural and Surveying Services

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WA Department of Commerce – RFP – Electric Vehicle Incentive Programs Design – Due 7/20/23

Proposals due: July 20, 11:59 PM

Description: Commerce is seeking proposals from firms interested in designing one or multiple electric vehicle (EV) incentive programs, including a point-of-sale rebate program. This RFP is for Phase 1 of a multiphase project. The successful bidder will be eligible for future phases. Anticipated Phase 1 project period: Aug. 28, 2023 – Feb.15, 2024

Contract amount: Not to exceed $500,000

Pre-proposal conferences: May 23 and June 6. Two pre-proposal conferences are planned via Zoom. Bidders MUST attend one conference or watch a recording to submit a proposal. Email WA Commerce for details and links to join the pre-proposal webinars.

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WSDOT – RFQ – 2022 NWR General Engineering Consultant Services – Staff Augmentation – Due 12/1/22

Due Date: December 1, 4 PM

Request For Qualifications for NWR General Engineering Consultant Services and NWR General Engineering Consultant Services–Staff Augmentation

Description: The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be evaluated and considered to provide SERVICES to assist Washington State Department of Transportation (STATE) Northwest Region (NWR) offices during various development stages of projects delivery and provide the resources in key disciplines to assist STATE’s Northwest Region (NWR) by providing staff augmentation to Project offices on an as-needed basis. The primary focus for these AGREEMENTS is the various preservation projects assigned to the region, but SERVICES under these AGREEMENTS may include other regional projects.

One firm may be selected for both agreements. The two (2) agreements will be approximately five years in duration and the maximum amounts payable will be approximately $30 Million for Project Level and $20 Million for Staff Augmentation with the option for WSDOT to extend for up to three (3) years and up to $20 Million for each agreement.

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Port of Seattle – RFB – Satellite Transit System (STS) Fiber Project – Due 12/12/22

Due Date: December 12, 2 PM

Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Tour: November 16, 9AM

Description: The Satellite Transit System (STS) Fiber project will install new cable tray, fiber optic cable and replace lighting within the STS train tunnels. The project will retrofit parts of the existing STS maintenance spaces to include building a room to accommodate additional server/computer equipment. Ancillary fire sprinkler, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), and electrical work is expected.

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City of Tacoma – RFP – Uniformed Security – CT22-0358F – Due 12/20/22

Due Date: December 20, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: Provide uniformed security officers at various City of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Utilities locations.

Estimate: $11,500,000

Background: The City of Tacoma (City), Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU), is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide Citywide unarmed, uniformed security officer services for general surveillance purposes at multiple facilities including the Utilities Administration Complex in Tacoma, WA, the Cowlitz River Project in Silver Creek, WA, the Cushman Hydroelectric Project in Shelton, WA, The Nisqually River Project in La Grande, WA, and the Green River Operations Center, in Ravensdale, WA. City of Tacoma facilities which includes the City of Tacoma Municipal Complex and the Environmental Services Solid Waste Management (SWM), the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in downtown Tacoma, the Tacoma Dome, and other City facilities.

Services will be generally as indicated in this Request for Proposal (RFP), although specific services will be established at each site in the form of post orders following contract award.

Additional services may also be required to meet identified needs at these and other City facilities and TPU current and future locations. Said additional services shall be per the same prices, terms, and conditions as the original contract.

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