WSDOT – New WSDOT Contract Opportunities November 20, 2023

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

November 20, 2023:

An updated call for bids with new contract opportunities have been posted.

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Design-Build Projects – Advertisement Information:

Contract 9634 I-5, East Fork Lewis River Bridge NB – Replace Bridge pre-ad posted 4/5/2021, request for qualifications issuance delayed indefinitely

Contract 9920 – Gorst Vicinity – Remove Fish Barriers – statement of qualifications due 8/24/2023

Contract 9905 – 24th Avenue South to South 188th Street – New Expressway – proposals due 10/5/2023

Contract 9947 – I-5, Tributaries to Friday, Lake & Chuckanut Creeks – Fish Passage proposals due 11/29/2023

Contract 9951 – SR 16, Goodnough Creeks & McCormick Creeks – Remove Fish Barrier statement of qualifications due 12/14/2023

Contract XE3424 – I-5, Secret Creek – Fish Passage statement of qualifications due 10/4/2023

Contract XE3423 – I-90 & SR 900 Fish Passage proposals due 3/20/2024

Contract XE3452 – I-5 Yesler Way to Northgate Way Vic. Pavement, Deck, Joints, and Drainage proposals due 2/21/2024

Contract XE3456 – SR 169 & SR 509 Fish Passage statement of qualifications due 10/16/2023

Contract XE3476 – SR 161 to SR 410 – Rebuild Interchange Project statement of qualifications due 11/22/2023

Contract XE3483 – SR 92, SR 204, SR 528 – Fish Passage statement of qualifications due 1/29/2024

City of Tacoma – RFP – Tacoma Power UPS Training and Services Contract – PG23-0233F – Due 11/28/23

Due Date: November 28, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: Contractor shall provide preventative maintenance for Tacoma Public Utility’s Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and shall provide training on UPS first response.

Estimate: $50,000

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City of Tacoma – RFP – Historic Preservation Incentives Study – PL23-0212F – Due 12/5/23

Due Date: December 5, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: A review, analysis and recommendations to improve economic and development incentives that encourage the continued use and adaptive reuse of historically designated and older structures.

Estimate: $150,000 over two phases (dependent upon funding)

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Port of Tacoma – RFQ – On-Call SEPA, NEPA and Environmental Permitting Services – 071957 – Due 12/5/23

Due Date: December 5, 2 PM

Procurement Summary: The primary focus of this contract is to provide the studies, analyses, and other documentation needed to complete the SEPA and NEPA processes and environmental permit application requirements for future Port development, maintenance, or other construction projects as well as provide regulatory analysis in support SEPA, NEPA and environmental permitting requirements.

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King County – RFP – Engineering Services for SRTS Dust Collection Project – KC000975 – Due 12/5/23

Due Date: December 5, 1 PM

Solicitation NAICS Code(s): 541330

Description: The purpose of this contract is to provide engineering and related services to King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Solid Waste Division (“County”) to develop design documents, start the permit application, and provide engineering services during construction for the Shoreline Recycling and Transfer Station (SRTS) Dust Collection Project.

The contract is anticipated to be phased as follows, as detailed below in the Scope of Work:
Phase 1: Planning and Predesign – anticipated duration 4 months
Phase 2: Final Design, Implementation, and Closeout – anticipated duration 16 months
This Scope of Work reflects the County’s current understanding of the work; however, it may be updated during negotiations.

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Port of Seattle – RFP – Terminal 91 Berths 6 & 8 Redevelopment – MC-0321202 – Due 12/5/23

Due Date: December 5, 2 PM

Category: Construction

Pre-Bid Meeting:9:00 AM, Nov 14 on Microsoft Teams

Site Tour:1:00 PM, Nov 15 at Pier 90 Site Tour Info Here

Order of Magnitude: $35M-$70M

Utilization Goal:WMBE 5%

Planned redevelopment includes demolition of the existing timber apron; seawall improvements; removal and relocation of existing gangways, floats and boathouse; removal/replacement of existing small office structures; geotechnical ground improvement; and construction of a concrete apron structure along the current alignment.

Additionally, the project includes the removal of failing creosote piles and installation of concrete and steel piles, with an overall decrease in overwater coverage.

The project work also includes utility improvements (stormwater, sanitary sewer, water, electrical), paving, upgraded shore power connections, renewable energy through new solar panel arrays, and a direct connection for vessel sanitary sewer.

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City of Tacoma – RFB – Blair Switch Replacement – TR23-0234F – Due 12/12/23

Due Date: December 12, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: Replacement of 6 switches on the Blair peninsula.

Estimate: $750,000

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City of Tacoma – RFP – Streets Initiative 2 (SI2) – Outreach and Campaign – PW23-0262F – Due 12/12/23

Due Date: December 12, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: Outreach and campaign services related to the promotion of Streets Initiative 2 (SI2).

Estimate: $50,000

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PCL Construction – ITB – UW Valley Medical Center – Infusion Center TI – Due 12/6/23

Due Date: December 6, 2 PM

Description of Work: Project consists of constructing approximately 18,250 square feet of tenant improvements on the third floor of the existing East Pavilion for an outpatient Infusion Center. The tenant improvements will include reception and waiting areas, infusion rooms, open infusion bays, fast tract lab, compounding pharmacy, and support areas. Work will be required outside of the suite in occupied and unoccupied areas of East Pavilion in the floors and roof above and in the active surgery center on the second floor below. Additional work inside of the existing hospital will be required for the installation of a new pneumatic tube system. Limited demolition will be required.

Subcontractor/supplier opportunities include (but not limited to): Demolition, millwork, GWB, framing, painting, flooring, mechanical and electrical.

PCL encourages bids from all subcontractors and suppliers including Minority, Women-Owned, Veteran, Disabled Veteran, Disadvantage Business Enterprises, and Small Business Enterprise firms for all scopes of work, portions thereof, or combinations thereof. If you require assistance regarding scopes of work, contracts, plans and specifications, pre-qualification, insurance, bonding, SDI, equipment, materials, and related services, please contact our office.

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Snohomish County – RFP – Materials Testing, 132 St SE, 134 Pl SE, Cathcart Way Overlay – Seattle Hill Road to SR 9 Overlay – RFP-23-093SB – Due 12/12/23

Due Date: December 12, 11 AM

Description: Snohomish County Public Works is seeking a consultant to perform materials testing on 164th Street SW Overlay project in unincorporated Snohomish County.

Snohomish County will overlay 132nd Street SW with an estimated 6,000 tons of hot mix asphalt.  Approximately 55 ADA ramps will also be constructed in conjunction with this project.  This route is on the National Highway system and the project will be funded with Federal Highway Administration funds; consequently, the firm contracted to provide materials testing services must comply with the FHWA approved qualified tester program.  The requirements for the qualified tester program are discussed in section 52.3 Quality Control of the WSDOT Local Agency Guidelines.  We anticipate that much of the paving will be completed during daytime hours; however, paving near the east and west ends of the projects will be done at night.

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