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Marketing Part 1: Developing and Promoting Your Product or Service to Sell More [SCORE]

May 12, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT

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You’ve developed a wonderful new product or service. Great! Now you need to find customers and get them to buy it. You do that by identifying your target market, creating your value proposition, then by creating a promotional plan. This interactive workshop helps you create draft versions of these for your business.

In Part 1 of our Marketing workshop series we start by helping you identify your target market. These are your best potential customers and knowing them helps you create a better product or service. It also makes all your promotional efforts more focused and effective.

We show you how to finalize the design of your product or service and make sure it’s right for your target market. Then we take you through how to create a value proposition that perfectly captures the unique value your product or service brings to your customers. Next you have to build your marketing message. That’s the information for your brochures, websites, and anything else you use to sell your product or service. We will also review a number of promotional methods and help you draft a promotional plan for your business.

This workshop focuses on hands-on exercises to help you create a target market, value proposition and promotion plan for your business.

To understand marketing more fully please consider attending the “Marketing Part 2:
Pricing Your Product or Service to Sell & Getting Your Business Online” workshop after this one.