King County: Supplier Registration is Open in Our NEW System!

King County is retiring its procurement system and replacing it with a new and improved supplier registration and bid/proposal management system. Supplier registration is necessary to view solicitations and submit bids starting in Fall 2020. Message from King County Procurement Office:(PDF Version)

We’re excited to launch supplier registration in the King County solicitation system! To participate and be considered in future King County solicitations, you’ll need to register in the new system. Please note, if you’ve already registered in our new system, you do not need to register again.

Here’s your registration check list – it’s easy!

You need the following information to get started:

> Company information: Tax Identification number and Washington State Licenses.
> ALL relevant NAICS Codes for your business (complete list of NAICS codes).
It’s important to select all NAICS Codes that apply to your organization to receive relevant solicitation notifications from King County.
> Your King County portal Administrator (role access is defined on the supplier website).
> Your small business certifications your firm possesses (more information is available on the supplier website).
> A completed King County Substitute W-9 form to upload into your company profile (this does not apply to companies that have done business with King County).
> Your organization’s banking information (while this is an optional step in the registration process, completing the step now will fully prepare you for the new system).

Now, you’re ready to complete the registration process!

Register Here!

If you have questions through your registration process, we have the following information available for you:

> The supplier website – A resource designed to answer all your questions related to supplier registration.

> The supplier registration user-guide – A step-by-step guide through the registration process.

> If your question remains unanswered, please submit your question to the Procurement team via the supplier website.

After completing the registration process, you should receive an email from King County, prompting you to change your password. This will finalize the registration process.

We want to hear your feedback – take a short survey

Suppliers like you enable our work at King County and your participation in our new system is invaluable. Thank you for registering! We’d love to hear feedback on your registration experience. Please click here to participate in a 2-minute feedback survey.

We’re still finalizing the new procurement system – old system in use until Fall 2020

We’re still finalizing the new procurement system and will be ready to host solicitations in the Fall. King County will reach out to all suppliers when the system is fully launched. Until then, here are a few key dates to keep in mind.

Supplier Registration Opens | Now 

Solicitation continues as normal | Now – Fall
Old system – Online Vendor Registration (OVR) still in use for current solicitations

Supplier Portal Overview | Late Summer
Virtual call registration coming soon

King County employees start using | Late Fall
System in use for all new solicitations – All suppliers will be notified when the new system launches

For the most up-to-date information, keep a close eye on the website specifically designed for King County suppliers.

Thank you for your participation!
For more information now, visit our project website or email [email protected].