Port of Seattle Prepares for Major Project Openings and Equitable Recovery with 2021 Budget and $3.7 Billion, Five-Year Capital Plan

Port of Seattle Commissioners have approved the 2021 budget and five-year, $3.7 billion capital improvement plan to support an equitable, rapid, and lasting recovery as we prepare for a transformative 2021.
With plans to spend $3.3 billion over five years on airport improvements, the 2021-2025 capital improvement plan invests in projects to preserve assets, improve customer service, expand economic activity, generate additional Port revenue, and reduce environmental impact. Major projects include the new IAF; the second phase of the North Satellite Modernization Project, Central Terminal Renovation, Main Terminal improvements in ticketing, bag check, and security checkpoint areas; a multi-story expansion with amenities and tenant space on the C concourse; and accelerated installation of noise insulation for residential neighbors.

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