Port of Seattle – RFB – Clean Energy Strategy – 00320019 – Due 11/7/2019

Port of Seattle – RFB – Clean Energy Strategy – 00320019

Due Date: November 7, 2019 12:00 PM

Scope: The Port of Seattle seeks to develop a plan – the Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy Strategic Plan (SWCESP) that will guide the Port’s efforts and investments to substitute clean energy for fossil fuels within 30 years or less, across its maritime buildings and facilities. The SWCESP represents a departure from site-specific planning efforts to take a holistic planning approach that achieves planning and infrastructure efficiencies by considering the entirety of maritime energy needs. The
SWCESP will identify investments for a port-wide energy system capable of providing clean, affordable, reliable and resilient energy to maritime industrial sectors. The plan will be developed in collaboration with Seattle City Light, Port business partners, industrial and maritime operations near port facilities, and with local communities. For the Port of Seattle and its maritime partners, the strategies developed as part of the SWCESP will be a key component of the Port’s contribution to the
Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy The Port and its partners (Northwest Seaport Alliance and Seattle City Light) have begun preliminary meetings to identify the structural framework by which the organizations engage. The Port has
established a “core team” of staff representing the key disciplines responsible for development, provision and management of existing and future maritime power. Seattle City Light has agreed to participate and developed both staff level and leadership representatives to guide development of formal agreements and ongoing planning efforts.

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