Port of Tacoma – 2810 Marshall Avenue Roof Replacement – 071010 – Due 2/21/2019

Port of Tacoma – 2810 Marshall Avenue Roof Replacement – 071010

Due Date: February 21, 2019 2:00 PM

Pre-Bid Site Visit: February 6, 2019 10:00 AM

Project Scope: The work required for this project includes:
1.) Full sequential tear off and disposal of entire roofing system
down to the existing metal roof deck.
2.) Removal and disposal of existing wood framed deck areas and
curbs supporting heat/smoke vents and the addition of new steel
decking in these openings.
3) Removal of selective flashing, counterflashing, scupper systems
and expansion joint materials including preparation for new
4)Temporary removal of rooftop mechanical units including
temporary disconnection of ductwork, electrical power and controls,
the addition of treated wood nailers to extend height of curbs to
accomodate thicker roof insulation and post roofing re-installation of
units to a pre-disconnect function level of service.
5) Removal of existing parapet coping and addition of treated wood
nailer to extend height of parapet.
6) Preparation and cleaning of existing roof drain bowls
7) Installation of new PVC roofing system meeting Washington
State Energy code.
8) Replacement of existing roof heat/smoke vents including curbs
9) Replacement of existing sheet metal parpet caps and roof
scuppers and fall protection system.
10) Procurement and installation of locking access ladder

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