City of Seattle – RFB – Sewer Lining Contract 21-1 – Due 8/31/22

Due Date: August 31, 2PM
Pre-Bid Meetings: August 16 & 18
Project Description: This Project consists of 104 sites (121 pipe segments) for sewer mainline Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repairs located at various locations throughout the City of Seattle. This project will employ the Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installation methods: 1) Fiberglass lining installation with ultraviolet light, and 2) Felt lining installation with steam or water (thermal cured) to rehabilitate approximately 31,000 lineal feet of existing sanitary sewer, combined sewer and storm pipes at various locations in Seattle. The mainline pipes being rehabilitated are 6 inches to 15 inches in diameter. This Project consists of the following elements of work (but not limited to): traffic control, bypass pumping, cleaning and pre-construction closed circuit television (CCTV) video inspection of sewer pipe, removal of debris, removal of intruding lateral piping and other obstructions, installing pre-liners, installing and molding cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners to host pipes, reinstatement of laterals, and post-construction CCTV inspection.

This Project is a Covered Project subject to the City of Seattle’s Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) and Priority Hire SMC 20.37. With the support of the mayor and City Council, the City of Seattle administers programs that support racial and economic equity through contracting. Priority Hire is one of these programs. Priority Hire provides people living in economically distressed communities, women, and people of color access to work on the city’s construction projects. It gives contractors access to these skilled workers.

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