City of Tacoma – RFB – Tank Parts Cleaner Services PW24-0003N – Due 2/21/24

Due Date: February 21, 11 AM

Description: The City of Tacoma seeks parts cleaning tank maintenance, solvent, filters, and fluid servicing, including sundry equipment, supplies and parts, for the period January 15, 2024, through January 15, 2025, with an additional three (3), one-year renewal options, per the attached specifications. All bid pricing shall be FOB Destination, freight prepaid and included in the unit price.

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Port of Seattle – RFB – MC-0321466 Electrical Assessments and Maintenance Maritime 2024 Unit Price – 1 WPM – Due 2/23/24

Due Date: February 23, 2 PM

Description: Each Contractor or Subcontractor performing as a National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) or National institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Certified Technician must maintain a current NETA/NICET license and certification, a copy of which must be provided as a preconstruction submittal, as per Section 01 32 19.
Subcontractors performing as a NETA/NICET Certified Technician will be paid the submitted bid Unit Rate for NETA/NICET Certified Technician and are not subject to Subcontractor bid mark-up.
Electrical work includes but is not limited to work necessary to maintain a reliable distribution system, repairing, rebuilding and reset electrical breakers, provide preventative maintenance service and testing per the latest addition of the NETA, maintenance, and test equipment, provide maintenance service and testing of medium voltage and low voltage equipment, and grounding in accordance with NETA standards and all requirements of the code-enforcing agencies. See section 01 11 00 Summary of Work for Contractor/Subcontractor Qualifications, Equipment, Materials and Parts, Testing and Reporting, Additional Requirements, and a further Description of Work.

The Port of Seattle estimates that this public works construction project may cost $1,500,000.

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City of Tacoma – RFP – Full Bore Magnetic Water Meters TW23-0180F – Due 2/13/24

Due Date: February 13, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.

Project Scope: Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU), Water Division (Tacoma Water) is implementing an automated metering infrastructure program. Part of this program will be the development of District Metered Areas (D.M.A.’s). Creation of these areas will require installation of water meters to record the movement of water into and out of these areas. TPU will be soliciting proposals for full bore magnetic water meters ranging in size from 1.25” to 24” with technical specifications called out in Section 10. Tacoma Water anticipates awarding one or more contracts with qualified vendors to supply meters to be used in Smart Meter deployment.

Contracts(s) will be awarded to the highest evaluated responsive and responsible proposer(s) based on price, technical specifications, product quality, and availability. Contracts will be of an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) nature. Tacoma Water anticipates awarding contracts for an initial two-year period from the time of award.

Estimate: $300,000

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Port of Tacoma – RFB – Demolition of 459A and 459B East 15th Street Buildings 2024 070699 – Due 2/14/24

Due Date: February 14, 2 PM

Description: Demolition and disposal of Buildings 459A and 459B, not including slabs and foundations; abatement of Regulated Building Materials; disconnection of utilities, and installation of a chain-link fence with a gate.

Estimated Cost Range: Estimated cost range is $500,000 to $600,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST)

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Dirt and Aggregate Interchange Inc. – ITB – Gabbert Access Road Seismic Waterline – Due 1/29/24

Due Date: January 29, 2 PM

Description: Dirt and Aggregate Interchange, Inc. is intending to bid as Prime on this project & would appreciate receiving a quote from your firm for this project. We are an equal opportunity employer and request bids from all subcontractors & suppliers including disadvantaged, minority, women, disabled veterans and emerging small business enterprises.

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City of Tacoma – RFB – Leach Creek Stormwater Holding Basin Modifications ES23-0281F – Due 2/6/24

Due Date: February 6, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 10:00 AM on Tuesday January 23, 2024, in the Commencement Bay Conference Room 101 South located and the Center For Urban Waters, 326 East D Street, Tacoma WA 98421. A potential bidder should RSVP to [email protected] by January 23rd, 2024 at 8:00 AM. The Leach Creek Stormwater Holding Basin is a secured facility, therefore immediately after the pre-proposal meeting there will be a walk-through at the site and all bidders are urged to attend this walkthrough.

Project Scope: This work consists of constructing a stormwater channel through a forested wetland to connect the existing pump station forebay with the outfall and spillway structures, construction of an access ramp to the proposed stormwater channel, removal and replacement of an existing overflow riser structure, and the installation of a flexible check valve. Work also includes construction dewatering along with water quality treatment systems, bypass pumping, erosion and pollution control, and site restoration.

Estimate: $2.7 Million

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City of Tacoma – RFP – Mayfield Powerhouse Crane Controls Upgrade PG23-0128F – Due 2/6/24

Due Date: February 6, 11 AM

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will be held on January 24, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. in the Mayfield Project Office located at 253 Hydro Lane, Silver Creek, WA 98585.

Project Scope: Replace outdated control components with modern equipment to provide capability for smooth and precise low speed movements regardless of crane loading.

Estimate: $1,500,000

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Port of Tacoma – RFB – Mitigation Site Stewardship Program 2024 072047 – Due 1/18/24

Due Date: January 18, 2 PM

Procurement Summary: The Port owns approximately 2,200 acres of valuable industrial uplands in Tacoma, WA. The Port has created several habitat sites to mitigate for unavoidable impacts to the environment due to Port development and clean-up actions. Each of these sites requires ongoing stewardship to ensure their appropriate condition continues in perpetuity.
The Contractor will perform stewardship activities as defined in the RFP and as identified in Table 1 (see Attachment D in the RFP). Initially, this will include seven (7) Port sites totaling approximately 122 acres.

Stewardship includes:

  • Removal of invasive species and certain weeds
  • Minor replanting (may include facilitating volunteer events)
  • Trash removal (not related to encampments
  • Visual inspection for illegal or destructive activities.

PCL Construction ITB – Rental Car Facility Pavement Remediation 5th Floor – Due 1/11/24

Due Date: January 11,  2 PM
Estimated Contract Value: $1,500,000.00

Description of Work: The scope of the project is the replacement of the weatherproofing membrane in the employee and visitor parking lot located on the 5th floor of the consolidated Rental Car Facility. The work will be completed in four phases to ensure parking operations are maintained during construction. Subcontractor/supplier opportunities include (but not limited to): Demolition, hydro abatement, traffic coating, painting-high performance coatings.

WMBE utilization goal of 13%, self-certification is acceptable. This project has prevailing wage rate requirements.

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Port of Tacoma – RFB – EB1 Pavement and Restroom Building 2023 071907 – Due 1/12/24

Due Date: January 12, 10 AM

Estimated Cost Range: Estimated cost range is $2,500,000 to $2,750,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).

Procurement Summary: The Work required for this Project includes but is not limited to: Selective removal of asphalt pavement; installation of water, sewer, power and stormwater utilities; jack and bore sewer lines under existing railroad tracks; concrete treated base of existing subgrade; grading; asphalt paving; concrete placement; preparation of gravel pad and final utility connections for Port provided pre-fabricated restroom building and miscellaneous metal fabrications.

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