City of Tacoma – NC18-0387F – On-Call Nuisance and Abatement Services – Due 11/6/2018

City of Tacoma – NC18-0387F – On-Call Nuisance and Abatement Services

Due Date: November 6, 2018 11:00 AM

Project Scope: Beginning on or about February 2019, perform approximately $315,000 (not including sales tax) of on-call nuisance property abatements for a period of 2-years with an option to extend or renewal the contract for one additional year at locations requested by the City. The work shall include all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to fully abate the identified properties for the protection of public health, in response to natural disasters, and for public safety and welfare on a city-wide basis. Work shall occur in the right-of-way and on public and private property. Historically, the City has abated approximately 30-40 properties per year. Typical property abatement tasks may include the collection and removal of various types of refuse, cutting and removal of vegetation, graffiti removal, small accessory structure demolition and removal, and other tasks as outlined in Section 8-26. The Contractor shall provide an estimate to complete nuisance abatement work at each site designated by the City. Payment shall be based on actual work performed, including all labor, materials and equipment utilized. The unit prices/rates/mark-ups shall be fixed and based on the information submitted by the Contractor at the time of the bid

Estimate: $315,000