Dept. of Corrections – RFQ – Videography Services – K12854 – Due 5/17/22

Dept. of Corrections – RFQ – Videography Services – K12854

Due Date: May 17, 3 PM
Description: The Department of Corrections (DOC) is initiating this Request for quotes and qualifications to solicit proposals from qualified organizations to provide these services as needed across the DOC on an hourly basis for the next five to six years. This solicitation does not have a specific scope of work (SOW) tied to it. The different programs and divisions within DOC will execute any necessary SOW with any possible awarded contractor as needed during the term of any possible contract. These SOW(s) may involve any of the following activities:
• Videography Services including editing, directing, and consulting.
• Communications and media related services.
• Marketing consulting, especially as it pertains to distribution or advertising amongst the
public of videos produced by any possible contractor.

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