Port of Seattle – RFB Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB) Mechanical On-Call Phase 3 – 2022 – MC-0321199 – Due 10/13/22

Due Date: October 13, 2 PM

Pre-Bid Meeting: October 6, 11 AM

Description: The Work under this Contract provides Mechanical Trades, Test and Balancing (TAB), and controls electrician and programming support (direct digital and PLB interface) to remove, relocate and install mechanical systems piping, fittings, supports, insulation, controls (and raceways), telescoping air ducts (TAD’s), flex hosing, and various other accessories for Pre-Conditioned Air (PC Air) systems servicing parked aircraft at the PLB’s. Additional minor work to relocate potable water cabinets may be required. Some of the materials for installation, such as air handling units, TAD’s, flex hoses, and other accessories will be provided as owner-furnished.
Segments of work will be time-critical, as activities will need to dovetail with other construction activities installing new or refurbished PLB’s at various gates and airline schedules so that gate closures and disruptions to aircraft operations are minimized.

The Contractor shall furnish all labor, tools, equipment, materials and incidentals necessary to perform the work as requested by the Port of Seattle via a Work Authorization. All Contractor labor shall be provided as defined by the labor classifications per the Schedule of Unit Prices listed in Document 00 41 00 – Bid Form.

The initial term of this Contract is two (2) years or until the contract amount is depleted, whichever comes first. This contract contains an option to extend the contract time up to 12 months beyond the original contract completion date.

Labor and Industries require a “Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages” and “Affidavit of Wages Paid”. The expense of such is the responsibility of the Contractor. New Intents and Affidavits will be required for each contract year at the prevailing wage rates published at that time. The contract rates will be amended to reflect the changes in prevailing wage, if any. The WMBE utilization goal is 10% for this contract.

Amount: The contract will be awarded for an estimated amount not to exceed $750,000, which excludes Washington State Sales Tax.

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