Port of Tacoma – RFQ – Arkema Redevelopment and Containment Wall – 071948 – Due 10/20/23

Due Date: October 20, 2 PM

Procurement Summary: The Port of Tacoma (Port) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms qualified and interested in providing professional consulting services in engineering design to produce public works procurement packages for a low permeability containment wall and redeveloping 34-acres into a flexible-use surfaced lot. This solicitation will support the implementation of two Interim Actions in the former Arkema Manufacturing Area. This effort is subject to the requirements of the State of Washington Agreed Order No. DE 5668 (Attachment A).
The first planned interim action is for a low-permeability wall, or containment wall, to encompass a 6-acre area with high concentrations of arsenic. This solicitation is for consulting services to complete wall design, support the existing project team’s efforts to obtain regulatory approval, and develop a public works procurement package. The second planned interim action is capping areas with lower concentrations of arsenic, while incorporating improvements consistent with future marine-dependent land use. This solicitation includes consulting design services for capping and redevelopment of the approximately 34-acre site in stages that align with interim action phasing. The construction sequence must also be phased in order to limit the risk of contaminating materials with onsite arsenic impacted materials. The initial scope of work is for 30% design, but requested services may include final design, phased procurement packages including plans, specs and estimate, and support through construction.
The Port anticipates the award of one (1) professional service contract. The initial period of performance of the contract is anticipated to be (16) sixteen months from the execution of the contract.
This effort is also subject to reimbursement requirements in existing and future Toxics Cleanup Program grants from the Washington Department of Ecology. All work must be performed in accordance with associated grant requirements. The Port may apply for federal and or state funding for various phases of Arkema Redevelopment and Containment Wall. Therefore, the contract that results from the RFQ and various work packages will be subject to the Federal Terms and Conditions of each grant. See “Attachment D” for the generic Federal and Washington state Terms and Conditions, which may be updated per each grant.