Tacoma Power – RFQ – Electrical Contractors – Prequalification – Continuous

Description: Electrical contractors or subcontractors interested in bidding on utility type work for Tacoma Power must be prequalified at the time the bid solicitation is advertised. State law also requires that prequalified contractors annually update their prequalification questionnaire. We are currently in the process of establishing the prequalification list valid for the year 2024.

Prequalification may be established any time within the calendar year. Consistent with State law (Revised Code of Washington 35.92.350), the prequalification status of electrical contractors must be confirmed before we can provide bid submittal forms to parties interested in bidding on electrical work. The City of Tacoma’s solicitation for bids will identify the contractors prequalified to perform the electrical work listed for the project. There is no fee to prequalify.

Tacoma Power will review applications to determine if the contractor has met the prequalification requirements.

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